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Dental Crown and Tooth Crown

Dental Crown and Tooth Crown in Kharghar


In the field of dentistry, a crown is referred to as an anatomical area of teeth which is further covered by enamel. When the health of a tooth is threatened by a large cavity then a tooth crown is needed. It is also a type of tooth restoration which completely encircles a tooth implant. Dental Cement bonds both the tooth and Dental crown. Dental crowns last up to 15 years but if proper care is given then it may last up to 25 to 30 years. Crowns are used to give strength to teeth and also improves the appearance of the tooths. Crowns are fabricated with many types of other materials but most preferably patients choose their crown fabricated with gold. 

Crowns are best when a large part of teeth is needed filling and filling can not last for a large period of time as compared to tooth crowns, so when a large part of teeth is needed to be filled and we want the result to last long then dental crowns are used. Plenty of crowns fell prey to gum disease there are many other reasons but the most important and most notable reason behind the disease is not properly fitting the crown so an expert is needed with a good dental crown fabricated material.

 Crown is necessary after a root canal treatment is processed in order to protect the integrity of teeth because due to root canal treatment the teeth become weak due to the nerve being viable and there is no blood supply to the tooth. There are many other fabricated materials for crowns but the most valuable material is metal. Meta Crowns can last up to 50 years, and also metal crowns are cost-effective as compared to gold crowns and other crown materials. When you have fitted a new crown and the bridges are also being cemented then wait for one hour to have some food and also remember to avoid hard and sticky foods for a few hours. 

So the dental crown or tooth crown can be placed by an experienced person with excellent fabricated crown materials. To avoid any kind of gap between tooth and crown and also to avoid gum and other diseases Tooth crown should be fixed and cemented with the tooth, At Zellen Dental Care in Kharghar, we have a team of excellent well experienced and good practitioner doctors to deal with dental crown procedures. Please visit our clinic at Kharghar and experience our many other dental services.