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Invisible Braces

Invisible Braces in Kharghar

Treatment of Invisible teeth braces in Kharghar

Invisible braces that are also known as clear aligners are Orthodontist devices that are transparent forms of dental braces that are used to adjust teeth. Invisible braces are made up of stainless steel in some cases it is made up of titanium. There are different types of braces available in the market depending upon the quality of material and need. Some of them are ceramic braces, Invisalign, clear correct and etc. Ceramic braces require small rubber bands that are larger than metal brackets. Also like metal braces, ceramic braces are also not removable until the treatment is over. 

According to traditional Orthodontist invisible braces are used in treatment of following conditions Overbite or overjet, Crowded or widely spaced teeth, Crooked teeth. There is no age limit for any one to get braces, According to American Association of Orthodontist there are more number of patients over the age of 18 for dental braces treatment. Usage of braces for a long period of time with poor oral hygiene may lead to gum disease. So follow the oral hygiene and be cautious about your health as the mouth is known as the door of the body so we should take care of it very carefully. 

Don’t ever try to remove your braces at home it may cause tooth damage. Improper removal of brackets can cause you to fracture the enamel of your teeth. Invisible braces are designed and recommended for adult and younger teenagers and not for when baby teeth remain. 

There are many types of braces available at our clinic at Zellene Dental care in Kharghar. We are one of the most experienced and well known Dental Clinics in Kharghar and Navi-Mumbai Area. At our clinic Invisible braces are fixed in concern with less or no pain to the patient while fixing the braces.