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Kids Dentist – Pediatric Dentist

Kids And Pediatric Dentist In Kharghar


When should you schedule your child’s first dental visit?

Your baby is undergoing developmental milestones every day and getting his/her first tooth is just one of them. According to the American Dental Association, your child’s first dental visit should take place within 6 months after getting his/her first tooth or within one year of age.

 Why so early?

As soon as babies get their first tooth, it is prone to cavities. This is mainly due to the feeding practices, types of pacifiers used, food introduced during weaning, etc.

Nursing bottle caries is the most common disease in children of 3-6 years characterized by extensive decay of primary/milk teeth. It is true that primary teeth don’t last forever,  but they are important to guide permanent teeth in their desired position. Any long-standing, persistent infection of milk teeth can cause structural and qualitative defects in permanent teeth which are meant to last a lifetime.

 Introducing your child to his/her dentist at an early age makes the child familiar to the dentist and dental office reduces fear and anxiety and ensures optimum oral health.

A pediatric dentist helps you identify cavities causing eating patterns and dietary habits and eliminate them with proper diet counseling and diet modification. Interception of various habits like thumb sucking, digit sucking, mouth breathing at an early age can save your kid from future extensive and expensive dental procedures.

What is pediatric dentistry?

 There is nothing more important to parents than their children. Parents want their children to feel great and look best at every stage of their life. For all of them, this endeavor begins right at infancy when you need to give special attention to your child’s teeth and other oral structures. Fortunately for this, we have  Pediatric dentistry, a branch of dentistry that caters to every dental problem a child may face from infancy to adolescence, crafting beautiful and healthy smiles for a lifetime.

Why do you need a pediatric dentist for your kids?

Kids and adults do a lot of different things, you go to work and they go to school; you cook and they play. Similarly, kids also react and respond to dental treatment in a different manner. So should the dentist treating the adults and kids be the same? 

Adults don’t always need assurance before a dental treatment as kids do. Kids have natural anxiety towards new things in their growing years. As they say, we grow with our experiences, any unpleasant experience in the dental office can instill fear in your child towards dental treatment, which may lead to further dental problems beginning a vicious cycle. 

One primary goal of our pediatric dentists is to make every dental appointment enjoyable for your kid. These professionals specialize in managing child behavior according to their psychological and physical growth and development, thus providing complete dental care along with calming your child and eliminating the negative stigma of a visit to our clinic at Zellene dental care in Kharghar.