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Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal treatment in Kharghar and Navi Mumbai


” Got a toothache for a lot of hours, 

Popped a tablet and did my chores,

Didn’t go to the dentist…what a bore!!!

Forgot about it as I felt alright…alas the pain returned to haunt me one night…..throbbing and pricking I held my jaw tight….went to my dentist just after the first light.

He took an X-ray and gave me a glare….told me a filling in time could have saved me from this nightmare….a Root Canal I need for sure… The moral of the story…Prevention is better than cure!!!”

This is the story of most of the patients who come to us with a complaint of tooth pain.

People have this very scary notion about dentists and when we say “ROOT CANAL” most of them are ready to just jump out of the chair and run away!!!

A stitch in time saves nine and a filling in time saves a lot of your time!!!

A simple filling can prevent tooth decay from going in deeper and eventually resulting in what is called PULPITIS which requires a Root Canal treatment to be done. The old ways, I agree were a bit harsh and scary but like everything else…The Root Canal treatment has also evolved a lot.


We have specialists called ENDODONTISTS who perform root canals here at Zellene Plastic Cosmetic and Dental care center, Kharghar, Navi Mumbai with the state of the art machines and techniques which makes Root canal treatments very comfortable and pain-free for our patients.

In some specific cases, we will perform the entire Root Canal treatment in a single appointment too!!!


The age-old protocol of multiple sittings is gone now and we generally finish off our treatments in 2 appointments only. The new techniques are based on new principles and we are determined to give you the best and painless treatment because you deserve it.